7th Grade House Hunters

7th Grade Social Studies students, we’ve got a job for you!

Click on the website below to be transported back in time to the height of the colonial times in the New World where you and a partner will be a real estate agent selling land in America! Use the webquest to complete your mission.



Do as the Romans Do!

This week Mr. Pacey’s World History classes are researching how the ancient Romans contributed to our modern culture. Students should check out the following website, where Miss Ward has gathered helpful links to lots on information on ancient Roman contributions. RomansWebsite

Powerful Plagues and Dangerous Diseases

Mr. Pacey’s World History class will be researching plagues and widespread diseases after learning about the Black Death in class. Because anyone can publish online, and health/illness tends to be a topic that LOTS of people talk about online, check out the following website to find links to credible information: https://sites.google.com/a/pblpanthers.org/powerful-plagues/

Antares42. “Smiley Face with a Cold.” Licensed under CC BY 2.0