MARCH MADNESS: Tournament of Books!

Basketball fans know that the third month of the year means MARCH MADNESS! We are going to bring a little of that madness into the library this year in the Tournament of Books! I have looked at the books that were checked out the most so far this year and this week we are voting on the Sweet Sixteen! There are eight “games” happening this week. Vote for your favorite from each match to see who will move on to the Elite Eight next week! Who will be the ultimate champion???

Please only vote in games in which you have read at least one of the books. Voting is now closed for the Sweet Sixteen.



Illinois Readers Agree!

Results are back from the state, and 4th-8th graders across Illinois chose R.J. Palacio’s Wonder as the winner for the 2014 Rebecca Caudill Award! Congrats to the author!

Miss Ward has changed the Caudill link on the sidebar to go to the 2015 blog site, but if you would like to look at and comment on the 2014 blog site, you can still do so.

Rebecca Caudill Voting!

Although winter just won’t go away, we are almost done with Rebecca Caudill season! Next week is the final week to read and blog about Rebecca Caudill books in order to be invited to our exciting Voting Lunch Party on Tuesday, Feb. 25th. Bring your lunch down to the library where Miss Ward will have some other treats and we will vote on our favorites!!


What are your Reading Resolutions for 2013?

This month in the library, we are making Reading Resolutions to ring in the new year! What book or types of books have you been meaning to check out but haven’t gotten a chance? Maybe a friend recommended their favorite, or maybe you want to read more poetry this year. Find the Reading Resolutions display in the library and share what YOU want to read this year! We will post resolutions in the hallway windows.