Blackout Poetry

What does a librarian do with old, illegible books that have no other purpose than to yellow and collect dust? Throw them away- of course not! We re-purpose them and turn them into a form of art. In library last week, we took pages from some of these oldies but goodies and created poems within the page, in a form of poetry known as Blackout Poetry. The key is to make your poem stand out among the background, and boy, is it fun! Check out some of these student poems:

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Book Spine Poetry

To celebrate National Poetry Month this month, our 6th and 7th graders tried their hands at creating some Book Spine Poems! I was impressed by many of their creations! Here are a few…20150415_094827 20150415_095545 20150416_095602 20150416_103055 20150416_131605 20150416_134145