2016 Edible Books Festival

Ribbet collage

I would like to start by saying that our Fall Book Fair was, without a doubt, a huge success! With the help of the Education Foundation, almost 300 students were able to purchase at least one book from the book fair! And in addition to that, we had a FANTASTIC turnout to our Book Fair Family Night last Thursday. Over 50 students and parents came out to shop and support our PBL Jr. High Library. We also held our 2nd Annual Edible Books Festival, and we had 12 amazing entries!


The categories for our Edible Books Festival were: Most Appetizing, Funniest, Best Children’s Book, and the Best 2016 Rebecca Caudill Representation. And the winners are:



Fall Book Fair- Family Night!


The PBL Jr. High Library is looking for the following edible book representations:


Most Appetizing!

Best Children’s Book!

Best 2015 Rebecca Caudill Nominee!

And any of these could be YOU!

Come out and join us Thursday night for our Family Night at the Book Fair where we will hold our 2nd Annual Edible Books Festival! Don’t want to enter, but don’t want to miss the fun? Join us anyway to support our library and shop the Book Fair, vote for the best Edible Book Nominees, and even indulge in a little treat once voting is over 🙂

Here’s to celebrating a love for reading!