Teacher Links

If you have any suggestions for resources that other teachers might find helpful, please send the link to: abird@pblpanthers.org

Check out the new Research Links on this page to help in lesson planning: https://pbljhlibrary.wordpress.com/helpful-links/research-links/


Here are some things I like to use:

Sweet Search is a better version of google.  They only use the best bits for more authoritative results.  Sweet Search

Britannica School Insights is a free chrome extension.  You want this, and you really want your students to use this.  It pops up information about the search term before they have the chance to click on any results.  It is totally free to use. Get it

PDF Candy has made my life better.  With this you can do things like split/combine pdfs, export a pdf to word, jpeg, etc. and vice versa.   PDF Candy

Classroom Screen lets you have a great background for your class. Classroom Screen

Smore is an online newsletter/flyer creator.  It is used for things that are going to be displayed online.    Smore

Picktochart is an online inforgraphic creator with easy to use templates.  Picktochart

Canva is an online image creator. Canva

Lucid chart is fabulous for making flow charts, diagrams, and seating charts.  Why didn’t I learn about this before? Lucid Chart

Parts of speech is fun for the inner grammar nerd. Type in a sentence and it color codes the parts of speech. Parts of Speech

Vizia lets you embed questions into video clips.  Vizia

Class Hook lets you find video clips to use in class.  You can search by content area and objective, like simile or opinion.  Class Hook

Pixabay is a collection of free, searchable images. Easier than verifying the creative commons license.  Pixabay

Facticious is a website where you need to guess if the article is fake news or not and then it explains how you can tell. Fun, addictive, and much needed.   Facticious


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