2018 Winter Olympics

It is time for the winter Olympics!  The Olympic games are a time to enjoy a variety of sporting events with breath taking feats, international cooperation, and drama.

Start with the drama.  An athlete is unhappy with flag bearer choice and you can read about it on the USA Today Olympics.

Next up: the action. See it happen at the NBC Olympic Website.

If you are curious about the world and how countries cooperate you should read up on PyeongChang Facts.


December Poetry

Galactic Greetings from Kenn Nesbitt, Former Children’s Poet Laureate (2013-15)

On Saturn there’s no “Season’s Greetings!”

Neptune, no “Noel!”

On Mercury no “Merry Christmas!”

Uranus as well.

On Pluto there’s no “Happy New Year!”

Mars, no “Ho Ho Ho!”

No “Jingle Bells” on Jupiter.

No Venus “Let it Snow!”

Those planets have no Christmas,

which is why it’s said with mirth,

“A Merry Christmas one and all,

we wish you Peace on Earth.”

Check out more poetry from Kenn Nesbitt at http://www.poetry4kids.com

A poem by Aileen Fisher–


I like days

with a snow-white collar,

and nights when the moon

is a silver dollar,

and hills are filled

with eiderdown stuffing

and your breath makes smoke

like an engine puffing.

I like days

when feathers are snowing,

and all the eaves

have petticoats showing,

and the air is cold

and the wires are humming,

But you feel all warm . . .

with Christmas coming.

(From a book in the PBL JH library, called Poetry for Holidays)

Holiday Book Guide


Publishers Weekly has a very extensive guide to the perfect book gift for that special someone on  your list.  Choose any reading level and interest and see recommendations.  Click here to view it online.

School Library Journal has all the latest published books along with great articles and reviews on books children of all ages are reading.  Click here to view the best of 2017.  Of particular interest  may be this list of top ten graphic novels.

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Books and Gratitude


November is a time of year when we focus on gratitude a little more.  Think about a book you are grateful for – it could be a special gift book, a childhood favorite, a book you are reading now or one you are reading for class or a book club.  Stop in the library and help us add feathers to our turkey by filling out a gratitude feather about your favorite book.