Meme Contest for Ugly Books

Here in the library we have identified a number of good books that have very unappealing covers. Eight of our 16 covers have advanced to the next level in our March brackets. These are now available to use for our Meme Contest.


All memes must be school appropriate, which means using only language that is appropriate in class, and no memes that are cruel or making a joke at the expense of another will be accepted, etc.

There are three categories, and each meme will only be considered in the category you enter it in. You may only submit each entry once. All entries should be submitted by 11:59 pm on March 25th, 2018. Submit entries either via email to or by handing in a hard copy to Ms. Bird. Your full name and category you are entering must be included with the meme. All memes must feature one of our elite 8 book covers, and may be found on the library website at

Please see. Ms. Bird with any questions.


  1. Funniest Meme
  2. Most Relatable Meme
  3. Most Awkward Meme


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