December Poetry

Galactic Greetings from Kenn Nesbitt, Former Children’s Poet Laureate (2013-15)

On Saturn there’s no “Season’s Greetings!”

Neptune, no “Noel!”

On Mercury no “Merry Christmas!”

Uranus as well.

On Pluto there’s no “Happy New Year!”

Mars, no “Ho Ho Ho!”

No “Jingle Bells” on Jupiter.

No Venus “Let it Snow!”

Those planets have no Christmas,

which is why it’s said with mirth,

“A Merry Christmas one and all,

we wish you Peace on Earth.”

Check out more poetry from Kenn Nesbitt at

A poem by Aileen Fisher–


I like days

with a snow-white collar,

and nights when the moon

is a silver dollar,

and hills are filled

with eiderdown stuffing

and your breath makes smoke

like an engine puffing.

I like days

when feathers are snowing,

and all the eaves

have petticoats showing,

and the air is cold

and the wires are humming,

But you feel all warm . . .

with Christmas coming.

(From a book in the PBL JH library, called Poetry for Holidays)


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