Springtime in the Library

April has been a busy month in the library! First of all, we’ve been celebrating National Poetry Month by circulating LOTS of poetry books of all varieties (novels in verse, biographical and non-fiction poetry, goofy rhymes and limericks…) and writing poetry of our own! Our6th graders created some wonderful Found Poems using pages of text from some of our oldest history books in the collection. They were spectacular! We’ve also been enjoying the poems on the leaves of our Poet-Tree (get it??). Some are poems by famous poets like Shel Silverstein and Langston Hughes, others are from our students!

Last week was especially busy with our Scholastic BOGO Book Fair! Students were able to get some great deals and stock up on books for the summer. I, too, snagged some wonderful new books to add to our collection! Here’s a sample of the books we will soon have available in the library:

Believe it or not, we are already getting ready for summer around here. And there’s nothing that says summer quite like a carton of peanuts and the crack of a bat. If you like baseball or softball, you might want to check out the new display of our MANY baseball/softball books in our library as you SWING INTO SUMMER!


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